15th Dewar Stallion Trophy for Zabeel

31 Jul 2012

The Dewar Stallion Trophy, which is awarded by the New Zealand Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association, recognises the New Zealand stallion whose progeny in both Australia and New Zealand has won the most prize money during the season.


Yesterday’s conclusion of the 2011/2012 Season saw Zabeel chalk up his 15th Dewar title, an achievement no other stallion gets near in 47 Seasons of the trophy being awarded.


The Dewar Stallion Trophy was first presented for the 1964/1965 Season; that year it was won by Summertime. 


Zabeel’s own sire, Sir Tristram, has the next best record with 9 Dewar titles.  His first was won in the 1982/1983 Season and his last for the 1993/1994 Season.


Sharing third-equal for the number of Dewar Stallion Trophy titles won are Le Filou, Oncidium and Pakistan 11; this trio won three each.