2021 Breeding Protocols

2021 Breeding Protocols26 Aug 2021

The recent Covid outbreak has added a degree of difficulty for all stud farms in addressing normal procedures relating to the breeding season. At Cambridge Stud we have adopted strict protocols around Level 4 requirements and there will only be a marginal downgrade if we lower to Level 3.

A critical area is that of transport of horses on and off Cambridge Stud, whereby mares will be coming in from all parts of the North Island and some from the South Island. We are asking for our loading and unloading procedures to be followed closely. I have listed below all Cambridge Stud contacts that will oversee our key areas – stallion barn, covering shed, foaling unit, yearling barn and loading ramps.

In respect of transport, where possible we are asking all drivers to remain in their vehicle while their horse(s) is unloaded. Cambridge Stud staff will handle loading and unloading which means that no driver needs to leave the cab of their vehicle. Incoming drivers will wear masks at all times and, if for any reason they leave their vehicle, they are to use hand sanitiser before they touch anything. We have QR codes everywhere and drivers will be required to scan in.

While it is not always possible for some mare owners, we would prefer commercial float companies like Majestic to carry out your transport requirements. The advantage of using a commercial transporter is that they have clearance from the Department of Health and their drivers understand the increased security around protocols at this time.

Key areas and contacts at Cambridge Stud are as follows:
• Stallion barn and prep shed:
Dave O’Leary 027 303 7789
• Foaling unit:
Mallory Phillips 021 115 7439
• Yearling barn:
Chelsea McLeod 027 230 7579
• Stud office:
Kim Allfrey 07 827 7887 or 021 915 491
• Stud Manager:
Bevan McCallum 021 443 385
• General Manager:
Marc Devcich 027 323 2650
• Nominations:
Scott Calder 027 616 4235
Cameron Ring 027 950 1113

If you have any queries please contact one of the above mentioned staff and we thank you for your cooperation.

Good luck with the season.