Equine photographic excellence

19 Jan 2016

By Adrian Clark (adrianclark.co.nz)

I've been in this industry for more than three decades and have been fortunate to have seen former Cambridge Stud champion stallions Sir Tristram and Zabeel. 

I saw them both many times and it was a privilege on every occasion.

Like many in this industry I suspect, I wondered if the passing of Zabeel meant the end of stallion greatness at Cambridge Stud - would the famous nursery ever be quite the same?

But I should have known, Tavistock was waiting in the wings and what an impression he has made at this early stage of his stud career.

The statistics clearly show that Tavistock is an elite sire and there's so very much ahead of him.

I have no doubt his yearlings at Karaka next week will be in terrific demand.

The photo attached to this brief piece was taken by Trish Dunell, who goes about her craft quietly without fuss, but never fails to deliver outstanding equine photography.

I reckon this pic is very special indeed and captures a breeding genius with a young stallion on the verge of greatness.  Enough said.

Sir Patrick Hogan and Tavistock - by Trish Dunell