Equine Rhinopneumonitis, New Zealand

6 Feb 2014


Dear Clients


As you will be aware from recent media announcements there has been an outbreak of EHV-1 on a  Waikato Stud farm which has resulted in the death of a number of  broodmares to date, and there are numerous mares/horses still in danger, having been  exposed to the disease.  The Waikato based stud farm has not been publicly named, but I can assure you it is NOT Cambridge Stud.

This disease EHV-1 has been in NZ for many years but has not manifested itself in this form before, generally it is found in young stock in what you might call a "winter cold", where as this out break has affected older horses. 

If you wish to read all about the disease you can go to [email protected] 

Clearly this could become a threat to yours and our bloodstock, and we will institute a protocol to prevent the movement of horses coming onto Cambridge Stud in the near future, and will limit access to the farm.  You are still welcome to visit your bloodstock on the farm, but please call in advance, to discuss any prevention protocol put in place for all out protection.

Please feel free to call Sir Patrick or Marcus to discuss if you wish.


Kind regards

Cambridge Stud