Minister for Racing's Visit to Cambridge Stud

4 Nov 2009

Having the opportunity to host the Minister for Racing, the Honourable John Carter, at Cambridge Stud recently, Sir Patrick Hogan also saw it as a chance to get together some of what he said are the  "next generation who will carry the industry forward".

"I had invited the Minster to Cambridge Stud when I sat next to him at the recent Mercedes Awards event, and I was pleased when he contacted me and said he would be keen to visit," Sir Patrick said.

"I felt it was a good opportunity to invite some of the younger people in the industry to come along as well."

The next generation included the likes of Rodney Schick - Windsor Park Stud, Nicholas King - Brighthill Farm, Rick Williams - The Oaks Stud, Brent Taylor - Trelawney Stud, John Thompson - Richhill Stud, Brent Gillovic - Highview Stud and Mark Chittick - Waikato Stud.

With such an audience, Sir Patrick said it was a good time to remind those present "the industry cannot be run the same as it has been for the last 5-6 decades".

"The parochialism and politicking needs to be set aside and we need to consolidate," he said.
"We have had six decades of review but little action."

Sir Patrick says "clean accountable leadership is required with more efficiency from clubs and codes".

"Stakes are diminishing and the industry urgently needs to consolidate to derive maximum benefit from its collective resources and to maximise returns to shareholders".

He advised those present to "make up their own mind about the direction of the industry and don't be influenced by what has gone on in the past - the industry needs to change".

These young people will be the generation that is most affected but they are the future that will carry the industry forward."

Mr Carter said he enjoyed the visit to Cambridge Stud and appreciated the opportunity to informally meet and have discussions with the younger studmasters.  He was impressed with the calibre of those he met.

He agreed with Sir Patrick that the industry must consolidate and increasingly work together where possible and noted this is something he is encouraging the industry to do. 


Hon John Carter & Zabeel