Roaring Lion Release

Roaring Lion Release27 Jul 2019

Roaring Lion was admitted to Cambridge Equine Veterinary Hospital early Saturday morning for colic surgery.

Released from quarantine at 6.00am, he had spent 15 minutes in his paddock at Cambridge Stud when symptoms of colic were noted. He was transferred to Cambridge Equine Hospital immediately and underwent emergency surgery.

Thanks to the swift actions of the expert Veterinary team, the surgery was successful and by mid-afternoon Roaring Lion was in recovery.

“We want to act in the best interests of Sheikh Fahad and our shareholders. Following major surgery, we feel it is appropriate to withdraw the horse from service with all shareholders being fully refunded,” said CEO, Henry Plumptre

“Our best-case scenario is that Roaring Lion makes a full recovery and can be returned safely to the U.K. While everyone at Cambridge Stud is shattered, we feel the obligation to Sheikh Fahad, David Redvers and our shareholders is important. It is a massive blow to lose Roaring Lion like this, but his ongoing welfare is now our prime concern.”

Veterinary advice as of 11:00 am today is that Roaring Lion has made a favourable recovery in the first 24 hours post-surgery.

Roaring Lion’s condition will be updated by Cambridge Stud over the next few days.

-Henry Plumptre, CEO