Roaring Lion Update

Roaring Lion Update1 Aug 2019

A week ago there was a sense of anticipation at Cambridge Stud with our European champions Almanzor and Roaring Lion arriving last Saturday morning. Unfortunately their arrival has been overshadowed by a sudden and acute colic episode that struck Roaring Lion shortly after his arrival from quarantine. It has been well documented that the horse was rushed to Cambridge Equine Hospital and underwent emergency colic surgery on Saturday morning. His recovery from that surgery appeared to be going well although there were occasional signs of discomfort. However, his condition deteriorated early on Thursday morning and his veterinary team decided that they needed a second operation to clear whatever it was that was bothering him. The second operation was performed at 9.00am on Thursday morning removing a damaged section of small intestine containing two adhesions. Following the surgery, Roaring Lion spent most of yesterday in his box in intensive care and he was monitored by the Cambridge Equine team throughout the night.

It is a testament to the horse’s courage and character that he is making steady progress from that second operation and, although he has a mountain to climb, we are cautiously happy with his progress. He is bright, alert and interested in everything that is going on around him. He has been out for two short walks, had a very small pick of grass and appears relaxed, showing good clinical signs.

We have made mention of the fact that it is unlikely that Roaring Lion will cover in New Zealand, if he gets to resume his career in the northern hemisphere. There is however a very strong connection between Cambridge Stud, Roaring Lion and his owner Sheikh Fahad and manager David Redvers. We are determined to leave no stone unturned in getting the horse back to full health in order that he can board the plane for the U.K. at the end of the breeding season. We have a totally dedicated team at Cambridge Stud in a supporting role at the moment and a superb team of surgeons and vets who are helping the horse in the battle of his life. Our thanks go to everyone at the Cambridge Equine Centre and, on a wider note, to everyone who has sent messages of support regarding the horse. We will keep you all updated over the next few days and hopefully weeks.


-This photo was taken shortly after Roaring Lion's arrival at Cambridge Stud last Saturday