Stravinsky's Trip to NZ Underway

21 Jul 2009

The much anticipated return of Stravinsky to Cambridge Stud this year is underway with the stallion having made the first leg of his journey from Japan to America. 


"He is now at Ashford Stud in Kentucky where he will quarantine before travelling to Australia for a second quarantine stopover," Sir Patrick Hogan told New Zealand Thoroughbred Marketing today.


Currently the sire of 56 individual black type winners, Stravinsky has not shuttled to New Zealand for the last two years.  Australia's Equine Influenza outbreak in 2007 stopped Stravinsky coming that year, while quarantine protocols made his return from his Northern Hemisphere base of Japan unrealistic last year.


Sir Patrick Hogan reports that there has been enormous interest in Stravinsky for the upcoming season.


"It was important to give the marketplace certainty that he's actually on his way," Hogan said.


Stravinsky is expected to arrive in New Zealand in the last week of September or, at latest, the first week of October.

Courtesy of NZ Thoroughbred Marketing