4 May 2016

Sir Patrick Hogan might have been there many times before with both Sir Tristram and Zabeel, but he still found sorting through the pile of applications for nominations to Tavistock this year a massive undertaking.

"There were 302 applications in all,"said Sir Patrick today.

"We had 50 from Australia and 48 of the mares were by Zabeel," he added.

Sir Patrick said that some breeders had made application for multiple services, but all had responded with understanding when advised that it simply wasn't possible to accomodate their wishes.

"More mares have been missed than have been taken and we've had to turn down some very good mares."

Successful applicants will receive contracts by email and mail in the near future and have till May 12 to complete their paperwork.

"If they're not back by the 12th of May they go on the Reserve List and it's a short list," Sir Patrick concluded.

Cambridge Stud will next communicate with the many unsuccessful applicants.

Tavistock's fee for 2016 has been set at $65,000 + gst (LFG) and his full book sign is now up.

Other stallions standing at Cambridge Stud - Power ($8,000 + gst, LFG), Keeper ($6,000 + gst, LFG) and Burgundy ($5,000 + gst, LFG).