Tavistock Update

Tavistock Update3 Nov 2019

Cambridge Stud stallion Tavistock suffered a serious injury to his near fore foot eight days ago. The foot was operated on by Dr Ric Redden from Lexington, Kentucky on Friday 1st November, assisted by two farriers and Dr Hitchcock and Dr Zantingh from Cambridge Equine Hospital. Dr Redden fitted an artificial shoe and sole to the foot and placed a support structure on the other foot to assist the horse in his recovery.

Tavistock was confined to his box for the weekend, under observation and treatment from both Dr Hitchcock and Dr Redden, who left for the States yesterday evening.

This morning, as the horse was still uncomfortable, it was decided, after consultation with Dr Redden who had arrived in the USA, that further surgery was necessary and would be performed by Dr Hitchcock and Dr Zantingh, in order to bring some relief. The surgery was successful and he is recovering. While we had hoped the initial surgery would have been enough, the second procedure was warranted in the horse’s best interest.

Tavistock’s recovery will be a long term process and could take up to one year. However, he is arguably entering the most promising stage of his career and we are hopeful that he will be able to resume his stud duties in 2020.